As part of our curriculum, we create tools to be able to visualize the projects while creating a social impact and creating a revenue stream at the same time as well. On our Enactus HHs roadmap, we highlight 5 phases;

Enactus NL Road-map

In phase 1 Enactus HHs members come together and get to know each other, here team members are stimulated to work with each other, as students come from different backgrounds and study, here we emphasize synergy and professionalism.

In phase 2 Enactus HHs members create a situational analysis and go out into Den Haag to assess social, socio-economic and other challenges that it may be facing. With this step, we can start to create our plans in which we will use to act on the challenge.

In phase 3 Enactus HHs members based off of the results of phase 2, create a social business model canvas, a business plan, and fulfill a pre-operation criteria to be able to understand what challenges the team wants to target.

In phase 4 Enactus HHs members are encouraged through the structure developed, to get out once again to actually go and solve the problem, and assess what they have developed. It is within this stage, Enactus HHs members harness the social entrepreneurship lifestyle and create a social impact.

In phase 5 Enactus HHs members evaluate results from phase 4, and within this phase, the project has run for either 2-3 years, and is in preparation to sign up at the chamber of commerce to become a real business! It is in this phase that all the hard work that has been put into projects become realized.