Enactus The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Enactus The Hague University of Applies Sciences is a young student organization. Since April 2011 we are committed to making The Hague a better place. Our team consists of enthusiastic and entrepreneurial students of various studies. As a team we set up projects with the focus on helping those who are social-economically challenged, through the transfer of knowledge and skills which will help them in their future development. This way we want to improve economic independence and to stimulate the social participation amongst students and the society in The Hague.


We stand for equal opportunities!


Enactus The Hague University of Applied Sciences opt for including disadvantaged groups to participate in an active society. By using our knowledge, experience and skills we transform challenges into opportunities.


Enlarge participation from folks and students
Put in knowledge and skills in useful ways for society
Creating a leading platform in the fields of social entrepreneurship
Teaching students how to work in various project teams

Read more About Enactus: our goals, vision and working method.

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