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May 8, 2015 0


HeartFood is all about cooking delicious multi-cultural food with ingredients that are saved from being thrown away by the lower income citizens from the neighborhood of Moerwijk, which is currently Den Haag’s poorest neighborhood. The food will be sold through a subscription catering service to consumers so that more people have access to delicious world cuisine dishes. Customers of this catering service will have to pay a small amount so that we can re-invest the money in the project and perhaps start improving on other areas of the community in need as well.

The people of this neighborhood faces many challenges, such as unemployment, poverty and many other issues. One of the reasons for these problems is that many people in Moerwijk do not speak Dutch and feel isolated from the rest of the society. Because of this phenomenon, they feel like they are not a part of the society they live in. People hesitate to help because of a lack of trust within the neighborhood.

The project has the aim to connect people in the area by connecting people within the neighborhood. We hope that this will solve some of their problems, because then the people will hesitate less to ask for help, and hopefully a proper community will rise , in which citizens can contact each other and help one another if needed. Extra activities apart from the cooking will also take place, such as language courses , information sessions for pregnant women and teambuilding activities. By doing these activities, the participants will integrate better in Dutch society and therefore will be happier.

With this project, we properly cover all the aims of Enactus, which is to help people and the planet and make a profit as well.

So, to summarize, our goals are:

– To integrate people of immigrant background better in Dutch society

– To provide the people with language courses

– To produce delicious multi-cultural cuisine

– Save food from being thrown away so that overproduction decreases

We will offer the participants:

– A place to cook and socialize

– A place in which they can improve their Dutch

– An income

– A way to integrate better in Dutch society