Our mission is to be able to tackle social, economic and ecological problems in Den Haag, with the use of social entrepreneurship.

Enactus De Haagse Hogeschool is a student organization that was established in 2011, with the aim of creating a better Den Haag. Our Enactus team is consisting of enthusiastic and entrepreneurial students with diverse backgrounds. As we aim our enterprises with the goal of being able to solve social-economical challenges. Therefore, in this way, we can economically speaking create an effect to collaborate with the society of Den Haag to connect both the people of Den Haag and students to stimulate the perfect synergy.

Our methods in which we are able to do this are:

  1. An increase of participation from both the people and students internally and externally
  1. Have students from Enactus HHs apply what they learn from the study they participate in, and have Den Haag as the focal point for this.
  2. Create platforms that facilitate this and the creation of social enterprises for the benefit of Den Haag
  1. Encourage students, the business community and other organizations to cooperate

At the moment, Enactus Netherlands houses a network of student teams from 14 educational institutions which perform the same activities and if not very similar activities that promote social entrepreneurship. As a project student, you spend minimum 5-8 hours a week, working and/or setting up a social enterprise. As participating in Enactus De Haagse Hogeschool you get to be part of this, and if we’re not working, we set up workshops for Enactus HHs members, organize social events, and intel from business advisors to be able to facilitate this process. This way, as a member, you not only learn how to create a business and social impact, but you develop yourself, and become part of an esteemed group of individuals who become tomorrow’s leaders!

Enactus the Hague University of Applied Sciences currently consists of 4 projects. Within these projects, we undergo different stages. More about this will be emphasized on our ‘What we do’ page.